23rd Sep 2017, 11:55 PM in Chapter 4: It Came Again

Side Dishes 4-18

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Side Dishes 4-18
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TransmorpherDDS 23rd Sep 2017, 11:55 PM edit delete
So, something a bit odd happened the other night. You've all probably noticed that I've been doing game streams lately, and last night I was doing a test with Shotred (the creator of Cock & Dagger) just to get our audio equipment figured out, and it turned into a conversation and I guess a podcast? Go ahead and click here to listen to us chat, and watch me just kind of fiddle around on the menu screen of Little Big Planet, since I didn't really intend to capture and preserve this content, but here we are.


GUEST 24th Sep 2017, 12:24 AM edit delete reply
So while they are wasting time figuring this out, those thing are getting closer and closer. Why don't they discuss it on their way to earth?
Something tells me in the page or 2, I'll be saying. "They were this close to getting away....females."
wolfen 749 24th Sep 2017, 2:11 AM edit delete reply
Totally called it earlier! She's the key to ending it all!
guest 24th Sep 2017, 4:53 PM edit delete reply
Blondie's ass is not right. Not round enough.
Maybe she's flexing her but cheeks that's why it looks that way.
dawndemonica 24th Sep 2017, 7:53 PM edit delete reply
That's not shorty. it's the queen looking like shorty. she pulled the same stunt when ensnaring the previous crew.
GUEST 24th Sep 2017, 8:25 PM edit delete reply
They can change their form? Well that's a lot better then what they really look like. I think I rather see that.
guest 24th Sep 2017, 9:16 PM edit delete reply
Since the chapter got caught in a clueless situation, how were we to know what's going on?
Everybody's guess is just as good.
TransmorpherDDS 24th Sep 2017, 11:16 PM edit delete reply
I don't fully understand what you mean by the phrase "Clueless Situation"... is it a reference to the movie Clueless?
guest 24th Sep 2017, 11:25 PM edit delete reply
Read 2 comments ago cause it's kinda of a headache to explain.
TransmorpherDDS 24th Sep 2017, 11:52 PM edit delete reply
I still don't understand your complaint. You're saying you don't know what's going on, but the conversation is about facts that were fully established in the previous chapter.
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